A Bird's Eye View of Immi.

Enga Bible Reading

An introduction to our ministry of Bible translation among the Enga people.

Excerpts from a devotional Adam shared at the SoCal Network Assemblies of God District Office.

A video from Newbreak Church about the first Audibible distribution in Enga.

Hear about Benjamin's story of transformation from a hired mercenary to a pastor.

Meet some of the Enga translators behind the Enga Bible Translation project.

Highlights from our five weeks in the village of Immi, Enga Province in 2013.

A tour of the village of Segar, where we spent five weeks during our Pacific Orientation Course in 2012.

Highlights from our time at the Pacific Orientation Course in 2012.

Our journey to Papua New Guinea in January 2012.

Adam and Martha share their story of faith, healing, and obedience to the call of God on their lives to become Bible translators in Papua New Guinea.

Adam shares at the 2011 Southern California Assemblies of God District Council about his call to become a Bible translator in Papua New Guinea.