Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pacific Orientation

We are just beginning our sixth week of our fourteen-week Pacific Orientation Course in Nobnob, which is located twelve-miles away from Madang on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. We are learning a variety of topics including Tok Pisin (the national langauge of Papua New Guinea), medical information for our own health, cultural anthropology to help us adjust to new cultures, spiritual vitality to help us maintain our own spiritual health, and other skill-oriented classes helping us thrive in the local environment including hiking, swimming, and outdoor cooking. Jacob is in school during the day where he is learning Tok Pisin, Papua New Guinea culture, and how to adjust to life in a new country, while also doing his regular first grade studies. Bella and Asher are in childcare and are also learning Tok Pisin as they interact with their childcare providers, who are all experienced Papua New Guinean women. We are living in the dorms at POC, which are basic but adequate. It is very hot and humid. Please also be advised that we have very little access to the internet during our training and little down time for communication back home until our training is over on May 1. We look forward to giving you a more in-depth update at the conclusion of our training!

Prayer Requests
In just a couple of weeks, we begin the village living portion of our training. We will spend five weeks as a family in a local village without any other foreigners. We will have a host family that will help us as we learn how to live life in a remote village with no electricity or running water. This will be a very stretching experience, so please pray for health, patience, and joy as we learn to live in circumstances that are sure to challenge us. But we know that God's grace is sufficient. Thank you for your prayers!