Sunday, June 20, 2010

We Are Now Members of Wycliffe

We are now official members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Usually Wycliffe requires completion of the first summer of linguistics courses before permitting candidates to become members, but I guess they made an exception in our case. What this means is that we are cleared to continue our final training in Orlando in October and that we can receive donations to our ministry.

Classes at the University of North Dakota are going really well. I am taking Second Language Acquisition, Articulatory Phonetics, Sociolinguistics, and Syntax & Morphology. Martha is taking Articulatory Phonetics and doing childcare for the eight to eleven year olds. Classes are very enjoyable and will serve us extremely well as we learn a language on the field that no foreign speaker has ever studied in any depth. The campus here is beautiful. The picture below was taken just behind our dorm.

If you would like to support our work of Bible Translation, you can do so by making a check payable to "Wycliffe Bible Translators" and include a separate note to indicate that it is "for the ministry of Adam & Martha Boyd (Account 240144)." The mailing address is listed below. Later on we should be set up to receive one-time and/or recurring gifts online.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
P.O. Box 628211
Orlando, FL 32862-8211

Please continue to pray for a full recovery for Martha's heart. Her echocardiogram is scheduled for August 23. We should know within a couple weeks after her test how much of her heart function has been restored. We will be sure to let everyone know how her heart is doing as soon as we find out.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.