Friday, July 1, 2011

Everything is Possible

"Everything is possible with God."
Mark 10:27 (NLT)

Going to a foreign country and learning a unwritten language that nobody has ever studied before seems difficult enough. But translating the Bible into that language and communicating the same meaning that was communicated to the original audience thousands of years ago seems impossible. How do you talk about the "Good Shepherd" among people that have never seen a sheep? What is the "Bread of Life" for people whose primary staple is not bread but sweet potatoes? How do you communicate what Jesus did on the cross for a people group with no concept of forgiveness? The task seems impossible and opportunities for error abound. But Jesus tells us that "everything is possible with God." It is only by God's grace as he guides and directs us that we can hope to succeed as Bible translators.

Trusting God for the Impossible
In 1945, Cameron Townsend, the founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators went to Peru with a tremendous vision and little else. But God provided all he needed to do what seemed impossible. Watch Adam tell the story below.

Why Sociolinguistics Matters
One of the classes Martha is taking this summer is Sociolinguistics, which is how language is used in society. As Bible translators we have to be aware of how language can vary based on things like social status and geography. Can you imagine if the translators of the Bible into English mistakenly chose a regional dialect of English and translated Matthew 5:13 as "Y'all are the salt of the earth" or "Youse guys are the salt of the earth" or "Yinz is the salt of the earth"? It sounds funny, but that is exactly what can happen if Bible translators aren't aware of how language is used in society.

Prayer Requests
Please pray for energy as we enter the second half of our ten week linguistics program at the University of North Dakota. Please also pray for favor as we share our story and mission at various churches in August.

By The Numbers
Months to Departure: 6
Words for 'carry' in Tzeltal: 26

Jul 14 - Adam & Martha's Anniversary
Aug 5 - Last Day of Classes
Aug 7 - Greeley First Assembly
Aug 14 - Crossroads Victory
Aug 17 - Radiant Church
Aug 21 - Oxnard Bible Church
Aug 24 - Colton First Assembly
Aug 28 - Bethany Chapel
Aug 31 - Crossroads Church

Visiting Grand Teton National Park
on our way to North Dakota.